About Brendan McCarthy


New Zealand born Brendan McCarthy is an inventor with several worldwide patents, a lifestyle and health pioneer, international TV personality and founder of Creative Nations International – a global marketing company. He now shares his time between his homeland, America, and Asia. His true passions in life are his family, the power of juicing and improving people’s quality of life healthy living.

Brendan first became a student of health when his older brother, Chris died of cancer at only 23 years of age. Twelve years later, his father was diagnosed also with bladder cancer. Not wanting his father to also fall victim to this terrible disease, he delved into the problem headfirst, to discover what actually causes cancer and the reasons it manifests itself in the human body.

Through his years of study and extensive research into cause and effort, Brendan found a direct correlation between disease and what we eat and how you can fast track your way back to good health with the power of fresh juicing. Through Brendan’s advice and his father’s will to live, he has successfully regained his health and has been cancer free for well over ten years now.
Brendan also discovered that by correctly combining certain fruits and vegetables, he was able to create specific juice formulas with synergistic effects to promote dramatic and safe weight loss in a relatively short period of time. After many years of research and development, he perfected a program designed to help others achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles and fit, trim bodies. He went on to create the Jump Start 7-Day Weight Loss Program which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies, now available in 7 different languages. Through his all natural systematic procedure for losing weight through his specially formulated juice recipes he has positively affected the lives of millions of people through his TV shows viewed all around the world.